Years of experience, continuous education and hard work have made Vorax the leading company in southeast Europe for solving problems caused by adverse effects of abrasion, corrosion, impact or combinations thereof in industries. Through individual cooperation with clients from thermal power plants, mines, chemical and cement industry as well as recycling and wood industry, our team of experienced experts successfully solves problems, introduces new technologies and enables clients to work more reliably with fewer costs and standstills.


On one side, our partners are the most renown world companies responsible for the development of advanced materials and innovative technologies, and on the other side, our partners are research centres and technical universities. This kind of approach enabled Vorax to become a company whose expertise and support you can rely on.

What do we offer?

Widest range of materials and technologies for protection of equipment and tools from unwanted wear caused by impacts, abrasion, corrosion or other factors

New or solutions compatible with the existing environment and technologies

Consultation, education and presentation of the latest technologies in your working environment

Durable, innovative, economical and ecological solutions for a broad spectrum of applications in thermal power plants, mines, quarries, open cut mining, oil industry and many other environments

Extensive experience, highly educated and motivated employees

Individual partner cooperation for the purpose of improving your business processes and facilitation of work.

Vorax can help you function with fewer costs, more reliably and with fewer standstills. Contact us and find out how!