Thermal spraying equipment

As a representative of renown equipment manufacturers, Vorax can offer top-quality torches and complete thermal spraying systems, developed and improved for decades. The equipment from our offer is of proven quality and is suitable for long-term use in harsh industrial environments.

Equipment for powder thermal spraying

Small portable powder thermal spraying torches are mostly used in protection against corrosion or for application of hard layers such as those based on tungsten carbide. They are also often used when it is economically unfeasible to dismantle complex equipment or when it is necessary to repair the damaged surface on the site.

Equipment for flame thermal spraying

Flame thermal spraying is a process when a mixture of oxygen and acetylene (other gases can be used as well) burns in the thermal spraying torch to achieve a temperature high enough to melt the wires with which we want to protect the surface. The melted material is then sprayed by compressed air, forming a current of particles which then forms a coating on the thermally sprayed surface. Mixtures of oxygen and propane gas are used for application of zinc or zinc-aluminium mixture for protection against corrosion, while mixtures of oxygen and acetylene gas are commonly used for other engineering coatings.

Flame thermal spraying systems can be automated, so it is not necessary to have a person operating them.

Equipment for wire arc thermal spraying

Wire arc thermal spraying is a process which uses an electric arc to melt two thermal spraying wires. As with flame thermal spraying equipment, the melted particles are applied to the surface we wish to protect or repair by the compressed air current.

Wire arc thermal spraying systems, in comparison with the flame thermal spraying systems, apply coatings of better quality and lower porosity and can be automated more easily. Furthermore, wire arc thermal spraying equipment is applicable to robotized applications.

Plasma, HVOF and laser thermal spraying

In plasma thermal spraying process, the gas in the plasma torch is heated to high temperatures at which it ionizes and becomes electrically conductive. In such a state, powder, which is then melted, is added to the gas and hits the surface it is sprayed on. The applied layers have low porosity and high adhesion levels.

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) is a process for applying extremely dense and hard layers. It is primarily used as a replacement for hard chroming and other specialised applications in the most demanding industries.

Laser thermal spraying falls into the group of processes which are mostly used for obtaining extremely hard and resistant surfaces with the minimal mixture with the base material and practically without porosity. A laser beam creates a pool of melted material in which the powders of desired characteristics are applied.

Spare parts for thermal spraying equipment

Apart from the equipment, wires and powders for thermal spraying, Vorax also offers a broad range of top-quality spare parts for your torches. We offer spare parts for almost all torches at reasonable prices and fast delivery.