Thermal spraying consumables

Thermal spraying is a term for the procedure of spraying small particles of metal or ceramics onto a surface for obtaining better surface characteristics than those of the base material.

Thermal spraying can be done by flame, wire arc, plasma or laser. During the procedure, the particles are heated and sprayed onto the base material in a semi-melted condition via special spray torch. Such coatings contain porosity, and since the base and additional material do not create a fusion compound, the tensile strength is lower compared to hardfaced surfaces.

Thermal spraying can be done by two main groups of materials:
• thermal spraying powders
• thermal spraying wires.

Thermal spraying by powder is usually used for repair and coating of smaller surfaces, while thermal spraying by wires is used when faster working speed and protection of large surfaces mostly from corrosion are required.

Thermal spraying powders

Vorax offers a broad spectrum of water and gas atomized powders on nickel, cobalt, chromium, tungsten and iron base for protection and reparation of engineering parts and surfaces. Along with research and development, use of modern production equipment results in top-quality thermal spraying powders. Modern powder production equipment enables optimal grain size and shape for consistently high quality results with different thermal spraying procedures.

Our powders are used for obtaining superb coatings by plasma and HVOF thermal spraying (grain size 20 – 45 µm), flame thermal spraying (grain size 20 – 125 µm) and plasma thermal spraying (grain size 45 – 200 µm). Vorax thermal spraying powders are packed in 5 – 25 kg bottles.

Thermal spraying wires

Thermal spraying wires are delivered on 5 – 25 kg coils and drums of up to 250 kg. Wire diameters range from 1,2 to 4,8 mm (the most common diameters are 2,5 and 3,2 mm).

Our thermal spraying wires are used by the most demanding clients in the automotive and construction industries for protection against corrosion, in the oil industry for a protective coating and in thermal power plants for protection against high temperatures and erosion.

Thanks to our extensive experience, renown partners and professional personnel, Vorax can respond to almost all of your inquiries regarding thermal spraying!