Industrial knives and cutting tools

Thanks to the top quality of used steel, hard alloys and coatings, precise thermal treatment and years of experience, Vorax industrial knives and other cutting tools have matchless cutting properties, durability, reliability and efficacy.

We make knives of almost all steel alloys and can adjust them to your needs. We can additionally hardface certain types of cutting tools by TIG or plasma procedures with layers of up to 67 HRC. Apart from the exceptional hardness, these specially developed materials have a great resistance to wear and high temperatures, as well as a low friction coefficient which additionally improves the durability and properties of our cutting tools.

The most important clients of our knives are recycling facilities, plastic industry, wood-processing and pellet industry, metal and automotive industry, leather industry and paper and carton packaging factories.

Send us an inquiry and a drawings of the knives you use and our experts will promptly suggest an optimal solution for your needs.