Hardfaced wear resistant plates

The technology Vorax uses in the production of hardfaced plates provides high resistance to abrasion, erosion and impacts. Vorax hardfaced plates are characterised by a very low mixing of the alloyed, resistant material and the base material, high density of the hardfaced layer with low friction coefficient, high portion of hard carbides and consequentially high durability.

Hardfaced plates are defined by the thickness of the base material increased by the thickness of the hardfaced layer, for example, 3+3 mm, 6+4 mm, 10+6 mm, etc. The base material is most frequently steel plate S235, while the dimensions of hardfaced plates are usually 1,5 x 3,0 m.

We make hardfaced plates of two main groups – more affordable hardfaced plates with chromium carbide based layer and top-performance hardfaced plates with tungsten carbide based layer. Vorax tungsten carbide hardfaced plates are made exclusively by plasma welding (PTA procedure) to ensure superb durability.

Reasons for using Vorax hardfaced plates:
• high resistance and long-lasting protection of equipment,
• machining – Vorax hardfaced plates can be cut by plasma arc, laser or abrasive waterjet, as well as rolled or welded,
• our hardfaced plates can be delivered as ready elements prepared for installation,
• lowest exploitation costs on market.

Chromium carbide hardfaced plates

Chromium carbide wear plates offer good protection from unwanted wear and low investment costs. Hardness of protective layer is within the limits of 64 HRC. These wear plates have practically become an industry standard due to high resistance and durability. The hardness of hardfaced layer is based on chromium carbides with a hardness of 1800 HV. Depending on the type of Vorax chromium carbide hardfaced plate, the amount of alloying elements such as molybdenum, niobium, vanadium or tungsten can be up to 10%.

Depending on our clients’ needs, Vorax also produces ultra-thin 3+3 mm chromium carbide hardfaced wear plates or hardfaced plates with wave pattern for additional wear resistance.

Tungsten carbide hardfaced plates

We produce tungsten carbide hardfaced plates by plasma hardfacing which enables us to make ultra-thin plates with a minimal thickness of only 2+0,5 mm! The plasma welding procedure is a guarantee the hard layers will have superb characteristics with minimal mixing with the base material.

Due to its hardness which can be greater than 3000 HV and other unique properties, tungsten carbide is the most resistant, commercially available material. Resistance to wear of these plates is significantly higher than of any other type of wear plates. In comparison with thermally-processed plates (uncoated plates) with a hardness of 550 HB, Vorax tungsten carbide hardfaced wear plates last up to 20 times longer!

Vorax tungsten carbide hardfaced plates are delivered in dimensions of 1,0 x 1,0 m. Due to the characteristics of plasma-welded tungsten carbide layers, significantly thinner coated layers are needed to achieve better durability comparing to chromium carbide hardfaced plates. Therefore, coated layers are usually no thicker than 3 mm.