Tungsten carbide tools

Tungsten carbide tools are used in all industries where extreme resistance to wear and impact is essential. Due to its hardness of up to 3000 HV and its unique properties, tungsten carbide is the most resistant, commercially available material. Typical applications of tungsten carbide tools are drilling, excavation and crushing industries, trenching and digging industries, gravel pits or recycling industries, etc.

Advantages of tungsten carbide tools:
• The most efficient protection from wear caused by abrasion, erosion, impacts or combination thereof
• Significantly longer lifespan in comparison with tools made of other metal alloys such as chromium or manganese steels
• Higher productivity and lower maintenance costs due to fewer replacements
• Extreme resistance to high working temperatures

Regardless of whether you work in the harshest of conditions such as in abrasive quartz gravel crushing or pit digging and oil industries, mines or wood industry, tungsten carbide tools provide the durability you want from your equipment.

Vorax offers a wide range of tungsten carbide tools which we continuously expand with new and innovative solutions. We also make tools according to your needs.

Additionally, thanks to the cutting-edge equipment and available technologies, we can offer special hardfacing services for extending the durability of hard metal tools.

Our practical experience enables correct construction and application of tungsten carbide tools. By this, we enable high productivity, reliability and durability with minimal labour costs.