Developed by the Australian Ministry of Mining for protection in the harshest working environments, DOMITE hard metals occupy a high position in the protection of costly equipment from abrasion, impacts and other forms of wear. Albeit extremely hard, thanks to its unique bimetal design, DOMITE group of products are easy to weld and screw to a surface with bolts, thus protecting the costly equipment from unwanted wear.

DOMITE products consist of two different metals. The lower layer is tough and easy to weld, while the upper layer is highly alloyed with a hardness of 63 HRC and high resistance to wear and corrosion. Joining these two materials is done in laboratory conditions, which ensures no separation of layers in all (permitted) working conditions. This is also the most significant difference between original DOMITE products and their counterfeits – DOMITE will not separate during work and damage or destroy your equipment!

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with clients and continuous development, DOMITE products are available in many shapes and dimensions. However, as the most versatile DOMITE products we can highlight DOMITE chocky bars, DOMITE skid bars, DOMITE wear plates and DOMITE knife edges.

DOMITE products show their advantages in all industries where abrasion appears in combination with impacts and/or corrosion. Superb durability is guaranteed by the fact that the protective layer has a uniform hardness of 63 HRC regardless of its thickness and a high amount of hard carbides in the matrix.

Some of the typical applications of DOMITE metals are dragline, shovel, loader and excavator bucket protection, chute liners and rock box bars, feeder liners, quarry and mining grizzly screens, shredder and grinder tips, cane knife edges and dredging industry.