Cast wear resistant parts

Whether we are talking about manganese alloys or chromium, tungsten, vanadium alloyed products, thanks to the experience, research and development, we can make your facilities work more efficiently, with better productivity and fewer shutdowns.

Vorax hammers and impact elements are cast and produced precisely for your working conditions, which results in a reduction of the number of replaced parts, shutdowns and wear of equipment. At the same time, Vorax increases the quality of crushed material due to the higher portion of small material fractions.

Depending on the application, installation and the type of wear they are exposed to, Vorax hammers, impact bars and other elements can be:
• cast
• made of thermally treated steel
• with replaceable impact elements of the hardness of 63 HRC,
• hardfaced
• with brazed tungsten carbide parts or
• made by bimetallic casting technology with impact element hardness of 60 HRC.

The patented technology of bimetal casting joins the tough steel with special, high-alloyed material of hardness of up to 60 HRC. The result of this technology is a unique product which meets all safety requirements and lasts up to 6 times longer than manganese or similar hammers!

For our experts to make a technical proposal, it is enough to send us the blueprints of your impact elements and describe the characteristics of the crushing facility. Feel free to contact us for help regarding your inquiry. Our castings are made exclusively for your working conditions using advanced technologies and materials which result in greater durability and lower operating costs.