Hardfacing consumables

Hardsurfacing, hardfacing, overlaying or cladding is a procedure of applying material resistant to wear by welding it to the base material. Depending on the cause of wear, it is necessary to select an appropriate hardfacing material and hardfacing technology to achieve optimal durability.

If equipment is exposed to impact, abrasion, erosion, corrosion or high temperatures, hardfacing with appropriate welding material can significantly prolong the durability and reduce maintenance costs.

An increase of the hardness of the wear layer of 3 HRC increases the wear resistance by up to 40%. Vorax can offer materials for overlaying of up to 67 HRC with optimal microstructure and carbide ratio which prolongs the durability of your equipment and reduces replacements of worn parts.

Our experience and knowledge in the application of special hardfacing materials have resulted in numerous references in oil, construction and cement industries, in mines, open cut mining, agricultural and aluminium industries as well as steelwork and brickwork facilities, gravel pits and thermal power plants.

What are the most significant types of hardfacing consumables?

Regarding the number of hardfacing products, deposit per hour and sales volume, the most significant group of hardfacing products are highly-alloyed flux-cored wires. These wires are made in diameters of 1.0 to 4.0 mm and delivered on 5-25kg coils or drums of 250 kg. Additional benefit of hardfacing flux-cored wires lies in the fact that many of them do not require CO2, Ar or mixture of gases for welding.

Apart from the flux-cored wires, Vorax offers premium stick electrodes for manual hardfacing, rods or flexible rods (ropes) for TIG and acetylene hardfacing and powders for plasma hardfacing.

Which groups of consumables are used for hardfacing?

Hardfacing consumables must be adjusted to working conditions and selected with a clearly defined goal. Manganese-based hardfacing consumables are an excellent choice for impact loads, chromium-alloyed hardfacing consumables are mostly used for protection from high and low temperatures, corrosion and sometimes impact loading. Tungsten carbide is the best commercially available material for abrasive and erosive wear and nickel-based consumables exhibit superb resistance to corrosion and are used for welding cast iron and similar materials.

This classification is simplified because there is a high number of specially developed alloys for different applications. For a suggestion of optimal material for hardfacing and prolongation of your equipment’s lifespan, please contact our experts.

Special hardfacing services

Vorax provides hardfacing services for individual pieces or large series. Tight cooperation of our team with clients enables an extended lifetime of mechanical parts and costly equipment. With the use of advanced materials and technologies, we prevent shutdowns and enable higher productivity through lower costs. Our technologies, knowledge and optimal selection of overlaying material ensure high quality of hardfaced surfaces, whether we are talking about protection from abrasion, erosion, impact, corrosion or high and low temperatures.